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Historic and Architectural Details of Cathedrals and Churches on the Internet

Some Personal Opinions by Michael G Hardy



NB.  A number of recommended links will ultimately be added to the information in these pages.



There is a vast amount of information on the historic churches and cathedrals of the UK to be found on the internet, much of which is improving with time. As with most information on the internet, it has been compiled by a variety of people, some obviously more knowledgeable than others. The following lists the types of site that can be explored, only quoting links to some that I consider are some of the finest examples:

I find that many web sites try to cram too many large pictures onto single pages, making them too slow to load for most internet connections. If large and high definition images are included on web sites, then they should be easily available, but not compulsory. Probably the best compromise has been reached by those web site designers who incorporate expandable thumbnail images within the main pages of their sites, although these are not liked by all people. Regarding the use of photographs on web sites, do be sure to read the copyright information on the specific site you are looking at, the terms of use vary a great deal.

Personally I never started using the internet until the middle of 2001, but I soon became aware of its value to those who can find what they are looking for. However, the ever increasing number of web sites can make it very difficult to find the information you want unless you know precisely where to look for it.








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