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Map of the Historic Counties of Great Britain



Map reproduced from the web site of the Association of British Counties

"The Association of British Counties (ABC) is a society dedicated to promoting awareness of the continuing importance of the 86 historic (or traditional) Counties of Great Britain. ABC believes that the Counties are an important part of the history, geography and cultural life of Great Britain. ABC contends that Britain needs a fixed popular geography, one divorced from the ever changing names and areas of local government but, instead, one rooted in history, public understanding and commonly held notions of cultural identity. ABC, therefore, seeks to fully re-establish the use of the Counties as the standard popular geographical reference frame of Britain and to further encourage their use as a basis for social, sporting and cultural activities."

The ABC web site can be viewed at


The map above shows the 86 Historical Counties of England, Wales and Scotland


For a list of the counties in each country, please see the individual maps:


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