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Recommended Books to Read

Books on Historic Parish Churches and Cathedrals

Selected by Michael G Hardy

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GENERAL      GUIDES (mostly by counties)

Anglo-Saxon    Norman    Gothic    Post Medieval    Gothic Revival    Victorian

Furnishings    Specific Features    Carpentry    Glass    Monuments    Brasses    Churchyards

CATHEDRALS      GREATER CHURCHES (including monastic)


The books listed below are divided into general books and then those dealing with specific eras or styles, or particular aspects of the vast subject of ecclesiology in Great Britain.  The books listed concentrate on church architecture and the fittings of churches, rather than the history of how 'the church' developed.  They are a selection of books from the last 150 years, so only a few of them will now be in print.  Although many older books are now considered out of date by many modern experts, I find that the detail in many of them has never been equalled.

In general, the books in this list are deliberately chosen to be ones that are easy to read, and not too academic. Due to the large number listed, I have not attempted to describe their contents, or to rank them on any scale of importance. However I have certainly not included any books that I do not think are worth reading at all.

If the title of a book begins with 'the' or 'a', the article has been omitted from the title.

Please note that books on particular churches or cathedrals are not included, neither are the large number of  individual books that have been written on the churches of specific counties.

Never forget that Guide Books to specific churches and cathedrals are essential reading material for studying these buildings. They can be very varied in format, content and sometimes accuracy, as they are written by people with different interests and knowledge. I often find that those written some years ago contain far more architectural information than more recent editions. Some cathedrals now produce a wealth of material on all the different aspects of their buildings and their contents.


Quoted for each book are the following:

Title,  Author,  Original Publisher,  No of Pages,  Year First Edition Published,  Notes.

NB  -  In most cases the original Publisher and Year of the First Edition is quoted, many books may have subsequently been republished many times, and often by different publishers, and confusingly with a different title.  Obviously a later edition can have corrections made, but it can often have inferior illustrations.

Abbreviations for Publishers are shown at bottom of Page - click here


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Archaeology of the English Church, Warwick Rodwell,  Batsford,  192 pages,  1981.

Architecture Especially in Relation to our Parish Churches,  H H Bishop,  SPCK,  216 pages,  1907.

Beauty of English Churches (A Constable Guide),  Lawrence Jones,  Constable,  391 pages,  1976.

Churches in the Landscape,  Richard Morris,  Dent,  508 pages,  1989.

Churches the Victorians Forgot,  Mark Chatfield,  Moorland,  173 pages,  1989.

Church Explorer's Guide,  Frank Bottomley,  Key & Ward,  176 pages,  1978.

Companion to the English Parish Church,  Stephen Friar,  Alan Sutton,  517 pages,  1996.

Discovering Church Architecture - Glossary of Terms (Shire Discovering 214),  Mark Child,  Shire Books,  64 pages,  1976.

Discovering English Churches,  Richard Foster,  BBC,  296 pages,  1981.

English Church Architecture - A Visual Guide,  M Child,  Batsford,  119 pages,  1981.

English Church Craftsmanship,  F H Crossley,  Batsford,  120 pages,  1941.

English Church Design 1040-1540,  F H Crossley,  Batsford,  120 pages,  1945.

English Churches,  Basil Clarke & John Betjeman,  Studio Vista,  208 pages,  1964.

English Country Church,  Donald Sinden,  S&J,  160 pages,  1989.

English Heritage Book of Church Archaeology,  Warwick Rodwell,  Batsford,  208 pages,  1989.

English Medieval Parish Church,  G H Cook,  Phoenix,  302 pages,  1956.

English Parish Church,  Russell Chamberlin,  H&S,  192 pages,  1993.

English Parish Church - Building Types and Materials through Nine Centuries,  J C Cox,  Batsford,  338 pages,  1914.

English Parish Church,  G Randall,  Spring,  192 pages,  1988.

English Parish Churches,  Edwin Smith and Graham Hutton,  T&H,  64 pages + 226 illust,  1952.

English Parish Churches,  Edwin Smith and Olive Cook and Graham Hutton,  T&H,  252 pages,  1977.

English Parish Churches as Works of Art,  Alec Clifton-Taylor,  Batsford,  272 pages,  1974.

English Village Church,  R J Brown,  Hale,  392 pages,  1998.

Enjoying Old Parish Churches (series),  W N Paul,  Pentland,  253+245+206 pages, 1996+1999+2001,  3 volumes.

Evolution of Church Building,  J Bowyer,  Granada,  139 pages,  1977.

Exploring Churches,  P and T Clowney,  Lion,  189 pages,  1993.

Exploring Old British Churches,  Beresford Webb,  Southern Editorial Syndicate,  119 pages,  1948.

Exploring Parish Churches,  V Bonham-Carter,  R&KP,  214 pages,  1961.

Ground Plan of the English Parish Church,  A Thompson,  CUP,  138 pages,  1983.

Historical Growth of the English Parish Church,  A Thompson,  CUP,  142 pages,  1913.

History and Imagery in British Churches,  M D Anderson,  Murray,  291 pages,  1971.

How Old is that Church,  Pamela Cunnington,  Marston House,  256 pages,  1990.

In Praise of Churches,  John Betjeman & P Hogarth,  John Murray,  138 pages,  1996.

Jordan's Guide to English Churches,  Owen Jordan,  King's England,  288 pages,  2000.

Landscape with Churches,  G M Durant,  Museum,  224 pages,  1965.

Local Styles of the English Parish Church,  William Addison,  Batsford,  192 pages,  1982.

Medieval Masons (Shire Archaeology 78),  Malcolm Hislop,  Shire Books,  64 pages,  2000.

Medieval Styles of the English Parish Churches,  F E Howard,  Batsford,  100 pages,  1936.

Old Parish Churches and how to view them,  N E Boyle,  Hutchinson,  123 pages,  1969.

Our Christian Heritage, Warwick Rodwell & James Bentley,  Guild,  254 pages,  1984.

Parish Churches of England,  J C Cox & C B Ford,  Batsford,  126 pages,  1937.

Parish Churches of England in Colour,  Mervyn Blatch,  Blandford,  279 pages,  1974.

Parish Churches of Medieval England,  Colin Platt,  Chancellor,  185 pages,  1995.

Parish Churches, their Architectural Development in England, Hugh Braun,  F&F,  255 pages,  1974.

Portrait of English Churches,  A F Kersting & E Vale,  Batsford,  96 pages,  1956.

Scottish Church Architecture,  J S Coltart,  Sheldon,  264 pages,  1936.

Scottish Medieval Churches - Architecture and Furnishings,  Richard Fawcett,  Tempus,  384 pages,  2002.

Stones of Witness - Church Architecture and Function,  Colin Cunningham,  Sutton,  214 pages,  1999.

Traveller's Guide to Places of Worship,  C Kightly and M Cyprien,  Historical times,  128 pages,  1986.

Village Church,  P H Ditchfield,  Methuen,  304 pages,  1914,  reprinted 1975 by EP.

Village Church in the Olden Time,  Harry Gill,  Saxton,  141 pages,  1903.

What to See in a Country Church,  Lawrence Jones,  Phoenix,  Lawrence E Jones,  88 pages,  1960.

Yesterday in Village Church and Churchyard,  D Gregory,  Gomer,  104 pages,  1998.


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GUIDES  (mostly arranged by counties)

Blue Guide - Churches and Chapels of Northern England,  S C Humphrey,  Black,  544 pages,  1991.

Blue Guide - Churches and Chapels of Southern England,  S C Humphrey,  Black,  607 pages,  1991.

County Guide to English Churches,  Lawrence Jones and Roy Tricker,  Countryside,  352 pages,  1992.

Country Churches of England Scotland and Wales - A guide and Gazetteer,  G Young,  George Philip,  160 pages,  1991.

England's Churches,  Philip Clucas,  Colour Library Books,  205 pages,  1984.

England's Thousand Best Churches,  Simon Jenkins,  Allen Lane / Penguin,  822 pages,  1999.

English Country Churches,  Richard Briers,  Robson,  290 pages,  1989.

Famous Churches,  F Sherlock,  F Sherlock,  253 pages,  1909.

Living and Loved - A Celebration of Churches,  Pam Rhodes,  Lion,  126 pages,  2000.

Nicholson's Guide to English Parish Churches,  S Vayne,  Nicholson / ETB,  240 pages,  1984.

Shell Guide to English Parish Churches,  R Harbison,  Andre Deutsch,  305 pages,  1992.

Timpson's Country Churches,  John Timpson,  W&N,  264 pages,  1998.

John Betjeman's Guides to Parish Churches appeared in the following variations between 1958 and 1993:

1958:  Collins Guide to English Parish Churches,  J Betjeman,  Collins,  480 pages,  1958.

1968:  Collins Pocket Guide to English Parish Churches - The North,  J Betjeman,  Collins,  384 pages,  1968.

1974:  Collins Pocket Guide to English Parish Churches - The South,  J Betjeman,  Collins,  447 pages,  1974.

1980:  Collins Guide to Parish Churches of England and Wales,  J Betjeman,  Collins,  528 pages,  1980.

1993:  Betjeman's Guide to English Parish Churches,  J Betjeman + N Kerr,  HC,  764 pages,  1993.

Also the following SERIES OF COUNTY GUIDE BOOKS contain a great deal of information on churches:

Buildings of England (& Scotland & Wales),  N Pevsner etc,  Penguin now YUP,  various county volumes since 1951.

Kings England,  Arthur Mee,  H&S,  Various county volumes since 1936.

Little Guides,  Various authors,  Methuen,  Various county volumes since 1902.

Royal Commission on Historic Monuments (of England, Scotland and Wales),  Inventory Volumes  for some counties produced since 1912.

Shell County Guides,  Various authors,  Various county volumes since around 1960.

Shire County Guides,  Various authors,  Various county volumes since 1984.

Victoria County History,  Over 90 volumes produced on 27 English counties since the project was founded in 1899.

There are, of course, also many other series of Guide Books which contain a lot of information on churches.


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Anglo-Saxon Architecture,  H M Taylor & J Taylor,  CUP,  1118 pages in total,  1965+1965+1984,  3 volumes.

Anglo-Saxon Architecture (Shire Archaeology 18),  Mary and Nigel Kerr,  Shire Books,  72 pages,  1983.

Anglo-Saxon Sculpture (Shire Archaeology 52),  James Lang,  Shire Books,  60 pages,  1988.

Anglo-Saxon Towers,  E A Fisher,  D&C,  208 pages,  1969.

Architecture of the Anglo-Saxons,  Eric Fernie,  Batsford,   192 pages,  1983.

Coming of Christianity to Anglo-Saxon England,  H Mayr-Harting,  Batsford,  334 pages,  1977.

Dark Age Britain - What to see and where,  R Jackson,  Patrick Stephens,  208 pages,  1984. 

Greater Anglo-Saxon Churches - An Architectural/Historical Study,  E A Fisher,  F&F,  452 pages + illustrations,  1962.

Guide to Anglo-Saxon Sites,  Nigel & Mary Kerr,  Granada,  pages,  1982.

Guide to the Dark Age Remains in Britain - Constable Guide,  L & J Laing,  Constable,  318 pages,  1979.

Illustrated Bede,  J Marsden,  Macmillan,  189 pages,  1989.

Ecclesiastical History of England: Pre-Conquest Church in England,  Margaret Deanesley,  A & C Black, 374 pages, 1961.


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Architecture in Norman Britain,  Brian Little,  Batsford,  191 pages,  1985.

Architecture of Norman England,  Eric Fernie,  OUP,  352 pages,  2000.

English Romanesque Architecture after the Conquest,  Alfred Clapham,  OUP,  180 pages,  1934.

Exploring Saxon and Norman England,  P J Helm,  Hale,  187 pages,  1976.

Grand Tour of Norman England,  A Weigall,  H&S,  352 pages, c1928.

Great Buildings and How to Enjoy Them - Norman Architecture,  E A Browne,  Black,  p=137,  1907.

Guide to Norman Sites in Britain,  N & M Kerr,  Granada,  192 pages,  1984.

Our Norman Heritage,  J West,  3 Counties Holidays,  86 pages,  1986.

Romanesque Architecture in Britain (Arts in Britain 12),  Alfred Clapham,  British Council / Longmans,  42 pages,  1950.

Traveller's Guide to Norman Britain,  T Rowley and M Cyprien,  HT / R&KP,  128 pages,  1986.


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Architecture in Britain - The Middle Ages (Pelican History of Art),  Geoffrey Webb,  1956,  Penguin,  234 pages,  1956.

Architecture of Medieval Britain,  Colin Platt,  YUP,  325 pages,  1990.

Decorated Style Architecture and Ornament 1240-1360,  N Coldstream,  UTP,  208 pages,  1994.

English Gothic churches,  C W Budden,  Batsford,  145 pages,  1927.

Gothic Architecture in England,  Francis Bond,  Batsford,  782 pages,  1906.

Gothic England - A Survey of National Culture,  John Harvey,  Batsford,  242 pages,  1948.

Great Buildings and How to Enjoy Them - Gothic Architecture,  E A Browne,  Black,  125 pages,  1928.

Guide to English Gothic Architecture,  S Gardner,  CUP,  228 pages,  1925.

Guide to Medieval Sites in Britain,  Nigel and Mary Kerr,  Granada,  270 pages,  1988.

Introduction to the Study of Gothic Architecture,  John H Parker,  James Parker,  331 pages,  1893.

Journeys into Medieval England,  Michael Jenner,  Mermaid,  256 pages,  1994.

Perpendicular Style 1330-1485,  John Harvey,  Batsford,  308 pages,  1978.

Traveller's Guide to Early Medieval Britain,  A Goodman and M Cyprien,  HT,  127 pages,  1986.


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Building of the Eighteenth Century Parish Church,  B Clarke,  SPCK,  263 pages,  1963.

Stuart and Georgian Churches outside London 1603-1837,  Whiffen


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Church Builders of the Nineteenth Century,  Basil F L Clarke,  SPCK,  296 pages,  1969.

Gothic Architecture and its Meanings 1550-1830,  Ed: Michael Hall,  Spire,  224 pages,  2002.

Gothic Revival,  M Aldrich,  Phaidon,  240 pages,  1994.

Gothic Revival,  K Clark,  J Murray,  236 pages,  1928.

History of the Gothic Revival,  Charles Eastlake (1872) edited by J Mordaunt Crook (1970),  Longmans Green / LUP,  1872 then reprinted and expanded 1970,  372 pages (1872) + 213 additional pages (1970).

World of Art - Gothic Revival,  M Lewis,  T&H,  216 pages,  2002.


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English Heritage Book of Victorian Churches,  J Stevens Curl,  Batsford,  144 pages,  1995.

Faber Guide to Victorian Churches,  P Howell & I Sutton,  F&F,  142 pages,  1989.

Piety Proclaimed - An Introduction to Places of Worship in Victorian England,  J Stevens Curl,  Historical,  196 pages,  2002.

Victorian Church - Architecture and Society,  C Brooks & A Saint,  MUP,  228 pages,  1995. 


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Bench Ends in English Churches,  Francis Bond,  Humphrey Milford / OUP,  208 pages,  1916.

Church Fonts (Shire Album 318),  Norman Pounds,  Shire Books,  32 pages,  1995.

Church Furnishings and Decoration in England & Wales,  G Randall,  Batsford,  240 pages,  1980.

Church Misericords and Bench Ends (Shire Album 230),  Richard Hayman,  Shire Books,  32 pages,  1989.

Discovering Church Furniture (Shire Discovering 69),  Christopher Howkins,  Shire Books,  80 pages,  1969.

English Church Fittings Furniture and Accessories,  J Charles Cox,  Batsford,  320 pages,  c1923.

English Church Furniture (Antiquary's Books),  J Charles Cox and Harvey,  Methuen,  397 pages,  1907.

English Church Screens,  Aymer Vallance,  Batsford,  274 pages,  1921.

English Church Woodwork 1250-1550,  F Howard & F Crossley,  Batsford,  370 pages,  1917.

English Misericords,  M Laird,  John Murray,  128 pages,  1986.

Fashions in Church Furnishings 1840-1940,  Peter Anson,  Faith / Studio Vista,  383 pages,  1965.

Fonts and Font Covers,  Francis Bond,  OUP,  351 pages,  1908,  reprinted 1985 by Waterstone.

Greater English Church Screens,  Aymer Vallance,  Batsford,  184 pages,  1947.

Guide to Church Furniture,  Eric Delderfield,  D&C,  157 pages,  1966.

Guide to Church Woodcarvings,  J C D Smith,  D&C,  112 pages,  1966.

Inside Churches - Guide to Church Furnishings,  NADFAS,  244 pages etc,  1989 and later editions.

Pulpits Lecterns and Organs in English Churches,  J Charles Cox,  HM / OUP,  228 pages,  1915.

Screens and Galleries in English Churches,  Francis Bond,  Frowde,  192 pages,  1908.

Treasures of the English Churches,  J M Robinson,  Sinclair-Stevenson,  269 pages,  1995.

Treasures on Earth - A Good Housekeeping Guide to Churches and their Contents,  P Burman,  Donhead,  304 pages,  1994.

World Upside Down  (Misericords),  C Grossinger,  Harvey Miller,  192 pages,  1997.


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Atlas of Bells,  Johnston & Allsopp & Baldwin & Turner,  Blackwell,  239 pages,  1990.

Chancel of English Churches,  Francis Bond,  HM / OUP,  274 pages,  1916.

Church Tiles of the 19th Century (Shire Album 184),  Kenneth Beaulah,  Shire Books,  32 pages,  1987.

Discovering Wall Paintings (Shire Discovering),  E Clive Rouse,  Shire Books,  48 pages,  1968,  for later edition see: Medieval Wall Paintings.

Hatchments in Britain,  Ed: Summers and Titterton,  Phillimore,  Series of 10 volumes between 1974 and 1994.

Medieval Tiles (Shire Album 380),  Hans van Lemmen,  Shire Books,  40 pages,  2000.

Medieval Wall Paintings (Shire Miscellaneous Book),  E Clive Rouse,  Shire Books,  80 pages,  1991.

Porches and Fonts,  J Charles Wall,  Wells Gardner Darton,  348 pages,  1910.

Round Tower Churches of South East England (previously East Anglian Round Towers and their Churches),  William J Goode,  RTCS,  206 pages,  1994.

Royal Arms and Commandments in our Churches,  H Munro Cautley,  Boydell,  96 pages & 57 illust, 1934 reissued 1974.

Towers and Spires,  E Tyrrell Green,  Wells Gardner Darton,  294 pages,  1908.


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Church Carpentry (particularly in Essex),  Cecil A Hewett,  Phillimore,  161 pages,  1982.

English Cathedral and Monastic Carpentry,  Cecil A Hewett,  Phillimore,  257 pages,  1985.

English Historic Carpentry,  Cecil A Hewett,  Phillimore,  338 pages,  1980.


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Ancient Painted Glass in England (Antiquaries Books),  P Nelson,  Methuen,  280 pages,  1913.

Ancient Stained and Painted Glass,  F S Eden,  CUP,  214 pages,  1933.

Discovering Stained Glass (Shire Discovering 43),  John Harries,  Shire Books,  56 pages,  1968.

English Stained Glass,  J Baker,  T&H,  244 pages,  1960.

Guide to Stained Glass in Britain,  P Cowen,  M Joseph,  280 pages,  1985.

Stained Glass in England,  J Osborne,  Muller,  224 pages,  1981.


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Church Monuments (Shire Album 149),  Brian Kemp,  Shire Books,  32 pages,  1985.

English Church Monuments,  Brian Kemp,  Batsford,  208 pages,  1980.

English Church Monuments 1150-1550,  Fred Crossley,  Batsford,  274 pages,  1921.

English Church Monuments 1510-1840,  Kathleen A Esdaile,  OUP,  144 pages,  1946.

English Monumental Sculpture since the Renaissance,  Kathleen A Esdaile,  SPCK,  179 pages, 1927.

Funeral Monuments in Post-Reformation England,  Nigel Llewellyn,  CUP,  471 pages,  2000.

Medieval Chantries and Chantry Chapels,  G H Cook,  Phoenix,  196 pages,  1947.


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Brasses,  J Franklyn,  Arco,  171 pages,  1969.

Brasses,  J S M Ward,  CUP,  159 pages,  1912.

Brasses of England,  H W Macklin,  Methuen,  336 pages,  1907,  reprinted 1975 by EP.

Church Brasses,  A C Bouquet,  Batsford,  284 pages,  1956.

Complete Descriptive Guide to British Monumental Brasses,  R le Strange,  T&H,  150 pages,  1972.

English Church Brasses - from 13C to 17C,  Ernest Suffling,  Upcott Gill,  456 pages,  1910,  reprinted 1970 by Tabard.

Manual of Monumental Brasses,  Herbert Haines,  263 + 286 pages,  1861,  reprinted 1970 by Adams and Dart.

Monumental Brasses,  H W Macklin and revised by J Page-Phillips,  GA&U,  188 pages,  1969.

Monumental Brasses as Art and History,  J Bertram,  Sutton and Monumental Brass Society,  218 pages,  1996.

Victorian Memorial Brasses,  D Meara,  R&KP,  173 pages,  1983.


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Churchyards and Cemeteries,  K Hudson,  Bodley Head,  48 pages,  1984.

Churchyards of England and Wales,  Brian Bailey,  Hale / Magna,  240 pages,  1994.

Discovering Churchyards (Shire Discovering 268),  Mark Child,  Shire Books,  80 pages,  1982.

English Churchyard Memorials,  Frederick Burgess,  Lutterworth,  326 pages,  1963.

English Churchyard Memorials,  Hilary Lees,  Tempus,  160 pages,  2000.

God's Acre - Historical Notes Relating to Churchyards,  Elizabeth Stone,  John Parker,  406 pages,  1858.

God's Acre - the Flowers and Animals of the Parish Churchyard,  Francesca Gereenoak,  Orbis,  192 pages,  1985.

Of Graves and Epitaphs,  K Lindley,  Hutchinson,  K Lindley,  171 pages,  1965.

Old Crosses and Lychgates,  Aymer Vallance,  Batsford,  198 pages,  1920.


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Archaeology of Cathedrals,  Tim Tatton-Brown + J Munby,  OUCA Mon No 42,  239 pages, 1996. 

British Cathedrals,  Paul Johnson,  W&N,  275 pages,  1980.

Cathedral Architecture,  Hugh Braun,  F&F,  272 pages,  1972.

Cathedral Builders in England,  E S Prior,  Seeley,  112 pages,  1905.

Cathedral Churches of England,  A H Thompson,  SPCK,  235 pages,  1925.

Cathedrals,  Mervyn Blatch,  Blandford,  169 pages,  1980.

Cathedrals in Britain and Ireland,  W Anderson & C Hicks,  M&J,  1978.

Cathedrals of England,  H Batsford & C Fry,  Batsford,  118 pages,  1954.

Cathedrals of England,  Alec Clifton-Taylor,  T&H,  1976,  288 pages,  1976.

Cathedrals of England and Wales,  Francis Bond,  Batsford,  493 pages,  1912.

Cathedrals of England and Wales,  Pub: Cassell,  240+231 pages,  1906,  2 volumes.

Cathedrals of England and Wales,  John Harvey,  Batsford,  272 pages,  1974.

Cathedrals of Scotland,  Peter Galloway,  SCP,  181 pages,  2000.

Cathedrals of Scotland,  I G Lindsay,  Chambers,  256 pages,  1926.

English Cathedral,  Russell Chamberlin,  W&B / MJ,  208 pages,  1987.

English Cathedral,  Tim Tatton-Brown & John Crook,  New Holland,  160 pages,  2002.

English Cathedrals,  Patrick Cormack,  W&N,  153 pages,  1984.

English Cathedrals,  John Harvey,  Batsford,  192 pages,  1956.

English Cathedrals,  Edwin Smith & Olive Cook,  Herbert Press,  285 pages,  1989.

English Cathedrals in Colour,  B Little,  Batsford,  160 pages,  1972.

English Cathedrals - the Forgotten Centuries - Restoration and Change from 1530 to the Present Day,  Gerald Cobb,  T&H,  160 pages,  1980.

English Cathedral through the Centuries,  G H Cook,  Phoenix,  384 pages,  1957.

Flagships of the Spirit - Cathedrals in Society,  S Platten + C Lewis,  D&L&T,  190 pages,  1998.

Great Cathedrals of Britain,  Tim Tatton-Brown,  BBC,  224 pages,  1989.

Guide to the Cathedrals of Britain - Constable Guide,  A New,  Constable,  352 pages,  1981.

Scottish Cathedrals,  Richard Fawcett,  Batsford,  128 pages,  1997.


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GREATER CHURCHES  (including Monastic)

Abbey Explorer's Guide,  Frank Bottomley,  Key & Ward,  248 pages,  1981.

Abbeys and Priories in England and Wales,  Bryan Little,  Batsford,  216 pages,  1979.

Abbeys and Priories of Medieval England,  Colin Platt,  MS&W,  270 pages,  1984.

Abbeys and Priories of Wales,  Rod Cooper,  Christopher Davies,  96 pages,  1992.

Bare Ruined Choirs,  David Knowles,  CUP,  330 pages,  1977.

Cathedrals Abbeys and Churches of England and Wales,  Ed: T Bonney,  Cassell's,  838 pages,  1891.

Cathedrals and Abbeys of England and Wales - The Building Church 600-1540,  Richard Morris,  Dent,  294 pages,  1979.

Collins Guide to Cathedrals Abbeys and Priories of England and Wales,  Henry Thorold,  Collins,  332 pages,  1986.

Collins Guide to the Ruined Abbeys of England Wales and Scotland,  Henry Thorold,  Harper Collins,  288 pages,  1993.

Discovering Abbeys and Priories (Shire Discovering 57),  Geoffrey N Wright,  Shire Books,  3rd edition 160 pages,  1994.

England's Greater Churches,  C B Nicholson,  Batsford,  99 illustrations,  1949.

English Abbeys,  Hugh Braun,  Faber,  299 pages,  1971.

English Abbeys and Priories,  Olive Cook and Edwin Smith,  62 pages + 136 illust,  T&H,  1960.

English Heritage Book of Abbeys and Priories,  G Coppack,  Batsford,  159 pages,  1990.

English Monasteries in the Middle Ages,  G H Cook,  Phoenix,  282 pages,  1961.

English Monastic Life,  F A Gasquet,  Methuen,  326 pages,  1904.

Greater Abbeys of England,  Abbot Gasquet,  C&W,  268 pages,  1908.

Greater English Church,  H Batsford & C Fry,  Batsford,  136 pages,  1943.

Guide to Cathedrals and Greater churches,  R J L Smith,  R J L Smith,  359 pages,  1988.

Guide to the Abbeys of England and Wales - Constable Guide,  A New,  Constable,  465 pages,  1985.

Guide to the Abbeys of Scotland - Constable Guide,  A New,  Constable,  313 pages,  1988.

Medieval Monasteries (Archaeology of Medieval Britain series),  J P Greene,  LUP,  255 pages,  1995.

Medieval Monasteries of Great Britain,  Butler & Given Wilson,  Joseph,  416 pages,  1979.

Monasteries in the Landscape,  Mick Aston,  Tempus,  223 pages,  2000.

Ruined Abbeys of Great Britain,  R A Cram,  Gay & Bird,  315 pages,  1906.

Scotland's Abbeys and Cathedrals,  Hubert Fenwick,  Hale,  288 pages,  1978.

Scottish Abbeys and Priories,  Richard Fawcett,  Batsford,  144 pages,  2000.


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Abbreviations Used for Publishers:

BBC  =  British Broadcasting Corporation

C&W  =  Chatto and Windus

CUP  =  Cambridge University Press

D&C  =  David and Charles

F&F  =  Faber and Faber

GA&U  =  George Allen and Unwin

HC  =  Harper Collins

H&S  =  Hodder and Stoughton

HM  =  Humphrey Milford

HT  =  Historical Times

LUP  =  Leicester University Press

M&J  =  Macdonald and Janes

MJ  =  Michael Joseph

MS&W  =  Martin Secker and Warburg

MUP  =  Manchester University Press

OUP  =  Oxford University Press

R&KP  =  Routledge and Kegan Paul

RTCS  =  Round Tower Churches Society

SCP  =  Scottish Cultural Press

S&J  =  Sedgwick and Jackson

SPCK  =  Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge

T&H  =  Thames and Hudson

UTP  =  University of Toronto Press

W&B  =  Webb and Bower

W&N  =  Wiedenfield and Nicholson

YUP  =  Yale University Press


Please note again that books on particular churches or cathedrals have not been included in this list, neither have the large number of individual books that have been written on the churches of specific counties.


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